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Ethiopia tried to limit rare UN report on Tigray war abuses

Cara Anna, The Associated PressStaff, November 2, 2021, CTV News

NAIROBI, KENYA -- The findings of the only human rights investigation allowed in Ethiopia's blockaded Tigray region will be released Wednesday, a year after war began there. But people with knowledge of the probe say it has been limited by authorities who recently expelled a UN staffer helping to lead it.

And yet, with groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International barred from Tigray, along with foreign media, the report may be the world's only official source of information on atrocities in the war, which began in November 2020 after a political falling-out between the Tigray forces that long dominated the national government and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's current government. The conflict has been marked by gang rapes, mass expulsions, deliberate starvation and thousands of deaths.

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