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December 16

Join Sala Tigray on Club House, a partnership with Geza at 9:00 pm EST. 

They will be discussing the report that came out today, “New Wave of Atrocities in Western Tigray” by Amnesty and HRW. They will also be tweeting throughout the discussions. Tweets can be found at We hope to see you there. Don’t forget to follow Sala Tigray on CH.

1. The year-long ignored #HumeraMassacre continues to expand. Affecting millions of Tigrayans including children & elderly. Mass rapes, massacres, arrests and starvations. #TigrayGenocide @CanadaGeneva @JapanMissionGE @NZUNGVA @NorwayInGeneva @EU_UNGeneva

4. "Western Tigray has been the site of some of the worst atrocities, including massacres, indiscriminate shelling, & large-scale forced displacement of the Tigrayan population" #HumeraMassacre @usmissiongeneva @EU_UNGeneva @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva

7. "Amhara forces allied to the federal government are yet again forcibly displacing Tigrayans – including many older people and children –from western Tigray, the site of some of the worst crimes so far" #TigrayIsBleeding
@GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva

10. Int' community must act to end a year long Genocide and human rights abuses without further delay. Millions are at risk. #TigrayIsBleeding #TigrayGenocide @CanadaGeneva @JapanMissionGE @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @usmissiongeneva

2. “Without urgent international action to prevent further atrocities, Tigrayans, particularly those in detention, are at grave risk.” The Int' comm must demand the release of Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia. #TigrayMassArrests @usmissiongeneva @EU_UNGeneva @GermanyUNGeneva @UN_HRC

5. ‘The lack of consequences for the crimes committed in Tigray has made it easier for warring parties to commit further atrocities.’ #TigrayIsBleeding
@GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @NZUNGVA @NorwayInGeneva @ChileONUGinebra @SLOtoUNGeneva

8. "The Ethiopian federal government & regional authorities continue to impose an effective siege on Tigray, making it impossible to bring in basic medical supplies or sorely needed food." #EndTigraySiege
@GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @usmissiongeneva

3. “Your inability to act on stopping a year long #TigrayGenocide has enabled a new wave of atrocities in #WesternTigray. How many more have to suffer before you act?! @usmissiongeneva @UN_HRC @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @UN_HRC

6. "As the world dithers, the civilian toll of the Ethiopia crisis remains a daily and devastating reality for communities in Tigray" #TigrayIsSuffering
@GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @NZUNGVA @NorwayInGeneva @ChileONUGinebra @SLOtoUNGeneva

9. "Throughout the country, thousands of Tigrayans have also been rounded up and detained or forcibly disappeared in widespread ethnically targeted sweeps." #TigrayMassArrests @CanadaGeneva @JapanMissionGE @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @usmissiongeneva

1. “The new onslaught of abuses by Amhara forces against Tigrayan civilians remaining in several towns in Western Tigray should ring alarm bells” #HumeraMassacre #TigrayGenocide @CanadaGeneva @usmissiongeneva @EU_UNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @NorwayInGeneva

4. The inaction of the Int Community has enabled another wave of mass atrocities including mass rape, starvation, massacre, and forced displacement #HumeraMassacre @usmissiongeneva @EU_UNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @UN_HRC @JapanMissionGE @NZUNGVA

7. "They have forcibly expelled women and younger children, as well as sick and older people from the area". Demand for AmharaMilitia to vacate W Tigray #TigrayGenocide @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @usmissiongeneva @NorwayInGeneva @UN_HRC

10. Fano/Amhara Militia raping, torturing, executing, starving, arresting & #EthnicCleansing Tigrayans in W Tigray!Thousands including children are placed in concentration camps! @usmissiongeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @UN_HRC
#HumeraMassacre @NZUNGVA

2. “Tigrayan civilians attempting to escape the new wave of violence have been attacked & killed. Scores in detention face life-threatening conditions including torture, starvation, & denial of medical care” #HumeraMassacre @JapanMissionGE @UKMissionGeneva

5. Condemning mass atrocities isn't working anymore. You must take action to stop #HumeraMassacre. Millions of lives are at risk. #TigrayGenocide @usmissiongeneva @EU_UNGeneva @NorwayInGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @UN_HRC @JapanMissionGE @NZUNGVA

8. “Tigrayans, regardless of [their] sex and age, were taken to a school,” said one man in Rawyan who witnessed the house-to-house roundups of Tigrayans by Fano militia" #TigrayGenocide @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @usmissiongeneva @UN_HRC

3. “Without urgent international action to prevent further atrocities, Tigrayans, particularly those in detention, are at grave risk.” #TigrayGenocide #HumeraMassacre @EU_UNGeneva @GermanyUNGeneva @ChileONUGinebra @SLOtoUNGeneva @SLOtoUNGeneva

6. "Since early November, Amhara regional police forces and militias, including militia groups known as Fanos, have systematically rounded up Tigrayans in Adebai, Humera, and Rawyan" #400DaysOfTigrayGenocide @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva

9. “They started shooting whoever was in range running. When the people tried to escape… [the Fano] attacked them with machetes and axes so no one could escape" #TigrayGenocide @GermanyUNGeneva @UKMissionGeneva @CanadaGeneva @usmissiongeneva @UN_HRC @NZUNGVA

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