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November 4

1. Doctors at Ayder Hospital in Mekelle say patients r awaiting death due to a lack of
medical supplies caused by the de facto blockade of Tigray. @HRWcanada
@GAC_Corporate @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @ianrmyles @NDP
#1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

4. “Starvation is a cruel way to die, as the undernourished body consumes its own organs in order to generate enough energy to keep a flicker of life.” #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @CanadianPM @SvenTrueNorth @melaniejoly @HarjitSajjan @PierrePoilievre

7. @AbiyAhmedAli and his allies are committing crimes against humanity by blocking humanitarian access to the people of Tigray. @HarjitSajjan @melaniejoly @JustinTrudeau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

10. @AbiyAhmedAli continues to obstruct humanitarian aid from Tigray. 900,000 Tigrayans are in famine and over 6million people in need of humanitarian assistance. What will it take for @JustinTrudeau to care about African lives? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

13. @AbiyAhmedAli continues to obstruct humanitarian aid from Tigray. 900,000 Tigrayans are in famine and over 6million people in need of humanitarian assistance. What will it take for @JustinTrudeau to care about African lives? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

16. @WFPChiefEcon says in @CNN interview he does not know where people are getting food from! As 5.2 million in Tigrayan’s need food. What will 🇨🇦 do @CanadianPM? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @TorontoStar @globeandmail @globalnews @caj

19. @UN warns of "unprecedented malnutrition" rates among pregnant women and young mothers in Tigray. There is also "alarming malnutrition" among children.@theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @cafreeland @JustinTrudeau @CanadaUN #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

22. In the article starving Tigray it states “The people of Tigray, Ethiopia, are suffering a humanitarian crisis that is entirely man-made”. Canada can and should help. @HarjitSajjan @melaniejoly @JustinTrudeau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

2. “In Tigray, where hundreds of thousands are facing famine, food warehouses are virtually empty...humanitarian organizations have depleted their stores of food items warehoused in Tigray.” #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @CanadianPM @HarjitSajjan

5. @UNSC is aware that the Ethiopian govt had put Tigray under a “de-facto” humanitarian blockade yet has failed to act! #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @justintradeau @liberal_part

8. According to the global Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) system...substantial parts of the Tigray region are currently in an "IPC 5 Catastrophe" status -- its most severe rating.” #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @CanadianPM @SvenTrueNorth

11. Less than 7% of the required humanitarian aid is entering Tigray. Not because aid is unavailable, but because the Ethiopian gov't continues to obstruct humanitarian orgs. @CanadaPM has repeatedly failed to condemn @AbiyAhmedAli. #1YearOfTigrayGenoocide

14. Behind these numbers lies a brutal human tragedy. Huge numbers of deaths by starvation are unavoidable. Indeed, it is already happening. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @CanadianPM @SvenTrueNorth @melaniejoly @HarjitSajjan @MichaelChongMP

17. MPs in UK to discuss Humanitarian crisis in Tigray #G20RomeSummit. What will MPs in Canada do to advocate? @liberal_party @NDP @CPC_HQ @BlocQuebecois #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

20. “People’s skin color was change due to hunger; they looked emaciated with protruding skeletal bones.” Where is the outrage? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide! @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @karinagould @cafreeland @theJagmeetSingh @Raptors @stejobin @CBCNews

3. @CanadianPM says he's a feminist but has been silent about the sexual atrocities taking place in #Tigray for 1 year. @amnesty has clearly stated that women & girls were targeted for rape by soldiers which constitutes as war crimes #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

6. ‘Basic services including electricity, banking & telecoms "are being denied by the Ethiopian government", a US State Department spokesperson told AFP in September.@justintradeau @NDP @HRWcanada #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

9. According to @UNICEF over 100,000 Tigrayan children could die from hunger if conditions remain unchanged. What are the @liberal_party doing about the man-made famine in #Tigray? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @CanadaDev @RightsGAC @jhrnews @CHRIOCANADA

12. Thousands of children are facing imminent starvation caused by the blockade imposed on Tigray. World needs to act now to save thousands of lives. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @HRWcanada @GAC_Corporate @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @ianrmyles @NDP

15. More than 400,000 people in Tigray were said to have "crossed the threshold into
famine" & conditions have deteriorated since then.” @justintradeau @liberal_party
@NDP #CallitAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

18. While millions in #Tigray are facing death from famine, @metals_east "has repeatedly stated, in press releases and social-media comments in recent months, that it is close to resuming operations in Tigray." Where is your outrage? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

21. Ethiopia's information blackout enables the @UN to turn a blind eye to the #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, contributing to the death by starvation of tens of thousands of ppl, most of them children." @karinagould @MarcGarneau @CanadaFP @JustinTrudeau

1. Eritrean and Amhara forces have used rape & torture of women & girls of Tigray as a
campaign of ethnic cleansing. The Canadian Gov has not condemned this act.
#1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @Marcilen @JustinTrudeau

4. @CanadianPM says he's a feminist but has been silent about the sexual atrocities taking place in #Tigray for 1 year. @amnesty has clearly stated that women & girls were targeted for rape by soldiers which constitutes as war crimes #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

7. Women and girls of Tigray have been subjected to rape, gang rape, and sexual slavery for a year. Sexual violence is being used to humiliate women and eliminate the Tigrayan identity. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen

10. Twelve survivors said they were held captive for days and often weeks, and repeatedly raped, in most cases by several men. Some were held in military camps, others in houses or grounds in rural areas #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen

13. The invading forces have subjected the Tigrayan women & girls to rape, gang rape,
sexual slavery, sexual mutilation and other forms of torture as part of the #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @liberal_party @JustinTrudeau @Marcilen

2. The pattern of acts of sexual violence...indicates that sexual violence was widespread and intended to terrorize and humiliate the victims and their ethnic group
#1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen @HarjitSajjan @melaniejoly @CanadaDev

5. For 1 year, women in Tigray have been the victims of weaponized rape by Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers. @JustinTrudeau has failed to call out @AbiyAhmedAli for human rights violations perpetrated by his forces in Tigray. @Marcilen #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

8. “Soldiers and militias subjected Tigrayan women and girls to rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, sexual mutilation and other forms of torture, often using ethnic slurs and death threats.” #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @Marcilen @CanadaDev @HarjitSajjan

11. Rocks, nails and other objects have been forced inside the bodies of women — and some men — during sexual assaults, according to health workers. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen @CanadaDev @melaniejoly @HarjitSajjan @vanessahagem

3. Canadian Gov stood by idle as rape of girls and women is weaponized. You must speak up, take action, and do everything in your power to stop war crimes on humanity. #CallItAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @HRWcanada @NDP @JustinTrudeau @Marcilen

6. “It’s clear that rape and sexual violence have been used as a weapon of war to inflict lasting physical and psychological damage on women and girls in Tigray” - Agnes Callamard #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen @melaniejoly @CanadaDev

9. “The severity and scale of the sexual crimes committed are particularly shocking, amounting to war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. It makes a mockery of the central tenets of humanity.”#1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen

12. The epidemic of sexual assault is exacerbated by a collapsing health system. Many victims have contracted sexually transmitted diseases, including H.I.V, doctors say. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @Marcilen @melaniejoly @HarjitSajjan @CanadianPM

1. Orchestrated executions against Tigrayans continue throughout Ethiopia. Bodies are
openly disposed of for animals to devour in W Tigray & dumped in Tekeze river.
@liberal_party @HRWcanada @CanadianPM #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

4. @CBCNews states “The development appeared to be a sharp escalation in the intimidation tactics that Ethiopian authorities have used against aid workers amid the intensifying, year-long Tigray war” @BlocQuebecois #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

7. Ethiopian jets bomb Northern Tigray, harming innocent people including children. Canada must denounce these crimes! @MichaelChongMP @sbergeron @ianrmyles #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

10. The State Department has also prepared a declaration that the Ethiopian government's atrocities against Tigrayans constitute a genocide. Will Canada follow suit and #CallitAGenocide?#1YearOfTigrayGenocide @melaniejoly @JustinTrudeau @HRWcanada @NDP

2. Amhara militia and Ethiopian forces are exterminating Tigrayans in Western Tigray by massacring & dumping their bodies in Tekeze River. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide
#CallitAGenocide @JustinTrudeau @HRWcanada @NDP

5. "The bombings have drawn international censure, and disrupted UN access to the region where an estimated 400,000 people face famine-like conditions under a de facto aid blockade.." @JustinTrudeau @HRWcanada @NDP #CallitAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

8. Siege devastated region of #Tigray, where people are losing their lives from lack of food and medicine. As if that's not enough now cities are being bombed and targeting the innocent. It is a result of your inaction @antonioguterres @JustinTrudeau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

3. Dead Tigrayan bodies were recently found floating in a river. What will it take for @CanadianPM to hold @AbiyAhmedAli accountable for the war crimes he's committed in Tigray? @CanadaFP @rpatricktravers @marcisurkes #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

6. In the latest round of airstrikes in #Tigray @usnews states “doctor says 10 people have been killed, including children”. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @CanadianPM @erinotoole @theJagmeetSingh

9. Ethiopia is keeping all its Genocide crimes away from the world. @UN must Investigate crimes without support from the perpetrators! #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @GAC_Corporate @NDP @CPC_HQ @BlocQuebecois

1. On #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, we call on IC to pressure Ethiopian govt to release all
arbitrarily detained Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia. #CallitAGenocide @HRWcanada
@GAC_Corporate @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @ianrmyles @NDP

4. Tigrayan ethnicity has become a crime in #Ethiopia. There have been mass arrests and disappearances of Tigrayans. Why hasn't @CanadaPM called for the release and return of innocent civilians yet? @melaniejoly #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

7. Ethiopian authorities since late June 2021 have arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, and committed other abuses against ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.
#1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @CHRIOCANADA @HRWcanada

10. A mass campaign of arbitrary arrests targeting Tigrayans from all walks of life has
played out in the capital Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia -- a mostly hidden
feature of the relentless war @liberal_party @JustinTrudeau

2. "CNN's investigations indicate that the ethnic profiling,detention and killing of Tigrayans bears the hallmarks of genocide as defined by international law" #CallitAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @HRWcanada @GAC_Corporate @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @NDP

5. "Tigrayans in Addis Ababa have been arbitrarily arrested and detained without due
process in what appears as ethnically motivated detention". #CallItAGenocide
#1YearOfTigrayGenocide @HRWcanada @GAC_Corporate @MarcGarneau
@CanadianPM @ianrmyles @NDP

8. Authorities arbitrarily arrested and dismissed Tigrayans working in the government security and civil services, profiled Tigrayans during systematic ID checks, and searched homes without warrants. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @CHRIOCANADA

11. @CBCNews explain, “Ethiopia has accused some humanitarian groups of supporting Tigray forces”. What @PMEthiopia means is humanitarian groups are supporting Tigrayan people by feeding them. @jhrnews @DFriesenGlobal @GlobalNational @fatimabsyed

3. Thousands of Tigrayans were detained including University students, Political figures, Human rights advocates, Government employees, Journalists & Business owners throughout Ethio without their whereabouts #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @HRWcanada @CanadianPM @NDP

6. The government of Abiy Ahmed is spreading hate propaganda against Tigrayans thereby committing ethnic cleansing & genocide with the goal to exterminate the people of Tigray. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

9. The Ethiopian government’s ethnic profiling, arrest, detention, and enforced disappearances of Tigrayans is unlawful and unjust. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @CHRIOCANADA @HRWcanada

12. Ethnic profiling of Tigrayans in AA has gotten out of control. First it was losing jobs, then shutting down their businesses, and last few months continually mass arresting them and taking them to unknown places. I’m scared for my family & ppl wherever they’re located in ET 💔

1. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide and we are still dealing with extremely dangerous hate speech & calls for genocide targeting Tigrayan civilians in the capital of Ethiopia. Its time to call it what it is #CallitaGenocide @CBCToronto @globeandmail @markmackinnon

4. You failed to protect women and children from the brutality of the war on #Tigray. This can happen anywhere, the world needs to know you failed them too. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @JustinTrudeau @CanadianPM @melaniejoly @HarjitSajjan

7. #Tigray: 1 year of massacres, sexual violence, starvation, destruction, violent
displacements affecting over 6 million lives. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide
#CallItAGenocide @HRWcanada @HRWcanada @GAC_Corporate @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @ianrmyles @WFP_Canada @NDP

10. On the #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, Canadians march through the streets of 🇨🇦 to highlight atrocities and ask the @CanadianPM and @liberal_party to #CallitAGenocide 🗣 @CBCToronto @CBCVancouver @RachnaSinghNDP @CharlieAngusNDP @sandersonNDP

13. ‘Ethiopia’s government has stopped food, medicine and fuel deliveries entering Tigray for 1 year' Where is the support from @liberal_party ? @CanadaUN @JustinTrudeau @erinotoole @theJagmeetSingh @MarcGarneau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

16. @UNOCHA, has explained that the reasons cited by drivers not wanting to go back "are a lack of fuel to return, as well as drivers fearing for their security. Can 🇨🇦 not provide aid to Orgs? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @rpatricktravers @karinagould @stejobin

2. This past year Tigrayans have been & are being: Tortured, massacred, Raped and Starved. What else needs to happen to #CallItAGenocide? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @CBCToronto @globeandmail @TorontoStar @CanadianPM @JustinTrudeau @melaniejoly @HarjitSajjan

5. It's 1 year since #WarOnTigray started. Thousands have been massacred and raped,
millions are being starved through a complete blockade of Tigray. Action is needed now! #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @HRWcanada @HRWcanada
@GAC_Corporate @WFP_Canada @NDP

8. The 🇨🇨’n govt failed to act and as a result, the #TigrayGenocide nears the 1 year mark.When will @JustinTrudeau speak out against the atrocities being committed in Tigray?@liberal_party #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

11. Women in #Tigray are at high risk of dying of exploitation due to the violations of Ethiopian govt & its allies.Where is the outrage from Canadian leaders? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @JustinTrudeau @CanadaDev

14. For over 1 year months, millions in Tigray have been cut off from humanitarian aid, medical supplies, electricity, banking & communications. Dozens are dying daily from starvation and disease. What has Canada done? Nothing! @CanadaUN @JustinTrudeau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

17. The Ethiopian government continues its mass killing of Tigrayans by bombing cites. This is the result of your inaction @JustinTrudeau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

3. We saw no action for a year from the Prime Minister of #Canada, @JustinTrudeau. No effort to save our family in the #Tigray. I lost my pride in being Canadian, a country with fundamental values ​​of human dignity, & the rights for women and children #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

6. On #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, we call for accountability & justice the women & girls of
Tigray deserve. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @HRWcanada
@GAC_Corporate @melaniejoly @CanadianPM @ianrmyles @WFP_Canada @NDP

9. Organizations like @unitedtegaruca @IROBANINA have been advocating to Canadians leaders about the war raged by @PMEthiopia! But still there is no action in Canada. @CanadianPM @liberal_party @GAC_Corporate #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

12. "A logical person may conclude that @JustinTrudeau and Canada's silence on Tigray: lobbying by its mining companies” has been to protect Canadian mining interests in a war zone? @MarcGarneau @karinagould @SvenTrueNorth #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

15. As early as January 2021, Tigrayans were dying from man-made famine. The Ethiopian government has been wielding starvation as a weapon in its war on #Tigray.What can Canada do? @CanadaUN @JustinTrudeau #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

1. #Canada has made it clear that mining investments in #Tigray are prioritized over the suffering of Tigrayans. How can Canada claim to care about human rights but exploit Tigray for its minerals during a genocide? #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @mary_ng @MarieHlneCt2

4. A Canadian government program claiming to introduce feminist principles to Ethiopia’s mining sector has created opportunities for several Canadian mining companies in the country’s war-torn Tigray region” #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @mary_ng @ndp

7. Damning reports about mining in Tigray show that Canadian interests are more important than advocating to #CallitAGenocide! @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @CanadianPM #1YearOfTigrayGenocide

10. 🇨🇦, a country known to advocate for human rights, has been extremely silent on the #TigrayGenocide. Is it because Canada is spending millions on the mining industry in Ethiopia (much of which is in #Tigray)?
.@mary_ng #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

13. 🇨🇦Mining companies implicated in recent @TheBreachMedia report in which "political and ethnic violence may be being used in #Tigray as ground cover for taking complete control of the abundance of mineral resources" this should be called out ‼️ #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

16. 🇨🇦 has a mining deal with @AbiyAhmedAli: #ETH's dictator that is committing genocide on #Tigrayans & forcing millions out of their homes. @JustinTrudeau must uphold Canada’s values & principles & stop funding #TigrayGenocide! #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

19. Leaked report by @TheBreachMedia exposes Canada in a mining cover up!
@CanadaFP, @CanadianPM- Is this why you are so silent with #TigrayGenocide? What will other parties do differently? @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @luckysean #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

22. Canadians hope @CanadianPM is not refusing to condom the ongoing #TigrayGenocide b/c Canada has mineral interests in #Tigray but we can not choose commodities over human lives❗️#1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @liberal_party @CPC_H @GAC_Corporate @BobRae48

25. By remaining silent & allowing mining companies to operate in #Tigray during #1YearOfTigrayGenocide,🇨🇦 has failed to adhere to its own standards of gender equity, environmental protection & responsible business practices. @erinotoole #CallitAGenocide

28. Is this @JustinTrudeau’s business interest in #Tigray where mass rape, mass starvation are weaponized and massacres have been prevalent that has muzzled #Canada from speaking up against #TigrayGenocide? @CanadaDev @MatthewGreenNDP @MiningWatch #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide

2. Investments by Canadian mining companies in Tigray have increased as the region has been plunged into a major humanitarian crisis from military attacks by the Ethiopian and Eritrean government #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @mary_ng

5. Instead of condemning the genocide in Tigray, the Canadian government and mining companies are exploiting the situation to pursue mining opportunities in Tigray. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide