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 Minister for peace Binalf Andualem in Canada

October 17

1. While Binalf Andualem the new @MoP_Ethiopia touches down in Canada, @CanadianPM has not addressed Tigrayan Canadians concerns about #TigrayGenocide here at home. Who’s voice matter to the @liberal_party #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

4. While America is putting visa restrictions and sanctions on parties to the conflict, Canada is allowing a genocidal Govt leader like Binalf Andualem on our land. #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

7. @liberal_party should demand that humanitarian corredor’s be open in #Tigray if meeting with @MoP_Ethiopia is scheduled. Millions on #Tigray|an lives are at this risk. @MarcGarneau @karinagould @ianrmyles @WFP_Canada @NDP #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

10. If Canadian leaders and @JustinTrudeau is planning to hold meetings with @MoP_Ethiopia, I hope you will provide your Canadian voters the same opportunity to discuss the #TigrayGenocide #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @Alduceppe @BlocQuebecois

2. The biggest recipient of Canadian development assistance is the government of Ethiopia! When @MoP_Ethiopia is on Canadian land will you @CanadianPM tell Andualem that it’s peace or no financial assistance from 🇨🇦 ? #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

5. Why is @MoP_Ethiopia in Canada? Canadians know that mining during Genocide and profit while people die is not supporting ☮️! 🇨🇦 must stop doing business with the @PMEthiopia @HRWcanada @HRWcanada @GAC_Corporate @MarcGarneau #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

8. The 🌍 is outraged at what is taking place in #Tigray @JustinTrudeau, Canadians are outraged and must remind @MoP_Ethiopia 🇨🇦 is a country that values human rights! We must say no to the Minister of war not peace! @CBCNews #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

3. @liberal_party “continues to provide financial support to the Ethiopian govt despite allegations of war crimes”. As stated in this article. What will the other parties do to advocate while @MoP_Ethiopia in Canada? @NDP @CPC_HQ #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

6. 7 @UN worker expelled by @PMEthiopia is this what @MoP_Ethiopia thinks supports ✌🏾? Canada must not follow this lead, rather the lead of our friends America 🇺🇸, United kingdom 🇬🇧, Ireland 🇮🇪 and more @liberal_party @erinotoole #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

9. God have mercy’: Tigray residents describe life under siege by Cara Anna tells a story of unspeakable crimes against humanity! We need @CanadianPM to stand with Canadians advocating to help the Innocent people in Ethiopia.#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

1. Ethiopia's deceitful misinformation campaigns r only expected to continue under @AbiyAhmedAli's newly appointed minister of "peace"!
How could the @liberal_party allow Canada to be the first stop in @MoP_Ethiopia's tour of lies during #TigrayGenocide?

4. Disheartening to see #Canada so ready to engage with the latest tool of the Ethiopian propaganda machine, Binalf Andualem, instead of using its strong economic leverage to push for meaningful ceasefire and come to the aid of millions in #Tigray. @ndp #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

7. There is NOTHING peaceful about Ethiopia's @MoP_Ethiopia, who has been fully engaged in misinformation campaigns to misguide the IC about the atrocities being committed on Tigray.
@JustinTrudeau please condemn #TigrayGenocide! @CanadaDev @MarcGarneau

10. Consultations with .@AbiyAhmedAli's recently appointed Minister of 'peace' on Canadian soil while ignoring ongoing atrocities in Tigray brought on by 🇪🇹 govt. & pleas of the Tigray-Canadians for inclusion is antithetical to 🇨🇦 values❗️ @CanadianPM @ndp #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

13. .@POTUS has already issued an executive order imposing restrictions on 🇪🇹 govt. officials for their undeniable role in #TigrayGenocide, while @CanadianPM lags behind & even allows 🇪🇹's New Minister of 'Peace' into Canada❗️ @MarcGarneau @NDP @jhrnews

2. True to .@AbiyAhmedAli's Orwellian nature, he trots out yet another Minister of "Peace" in hopes of disguising the Genocide & Famine in Tigray‼️
Canada must not fall for Ethiopia's propaganda machine and stand with the victims. @JustinTrudeau @NDP #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

5. Ethiopia's newly appointed minister of "peace" .@MoP_Ethiopia should not be given a platform to misguide the #Canadian public while millions in Tigray suffer in total blackout for almost a year. @caj @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @jhrnews

8. If @JustinTrudeau truly wants to bring Canada’s compassionate voice back into the world stage, then allowing #Canada to engage with Ethiopia's newly appointed @MoP_Ethiopia while ignoring Tigray-Canadian Voices is NOT the way to go❗️ @liberal_party

11. .@AbiyAhmedAli, boldly lied to @BBCWorld & said that "There's no hunger in Tigray" amid the worst humanitarian crisis❗️
All 🇪🇹govt. officials, including Binalf Andualem, only mimic this denial & shouldn't be allowed in Canada.

14. The link emerging between Canadian mining interests in Tigray and Canada’s ongoing support for the Ethiopian govt., is only intensified by the presence of Ethiopia's New Minister of Peace in Canada. @MarcGarneau @MichaelChongMP

3. The presence of newly appointed @MoP_Ethiopia Minister, Binalf Andualem, in Canada is only the latest attempt by @AbiyAhmedAli to deceive the #Canadian public to his 🇪🇹govt's ongoing atrocities in Tigray. @MarcGarneau @CanadaDev @caj @NDP @cafreeland

6. In a country so mired in corruption, we can be certain #Ethiopia's newly appointed @MoP_Ethiopia was selected only to carry through with @AbiyAhmedAli's agenda of exterminating millions in Tigray.
@JustinTrudeau @jhrnews @NDP

9. Engaging with Ethiopia's newly appointed Minister of ‘Peace’,.@MoP_Ethiopia, while Ethiopia is increasingly & rightfully being called out as a perpetrator of #TigrayGenocide is neither compassionate nor constructive for @JustinTrudeau & 🇨🇦. @NDP @caj

12. The @JustinTrudeau govt. should amplify the plight of millions suffering in darkness through the man-made famine imposed on Tigray by the 🇪🇹 govt. instead of engaging with the dishonest @MoP_Ethiopia. @MarcGarneau @RightsGAC

15. Consultations with .@AbiyAhmedAli's recently appointed Minister of 'Peace' on Canadian soil while ignoring the blockade, siege & man-made famine in Tigray, entirely brought on by 🇪🇹, is antithetical to 🇨🇦 values❗️ @JustinTrudeau @CanadaFP @CanadaDev

  #VoteforHumanRights           #cdnpoli

September 7

Impact of Tigray Genocide and call to action for Canada’s leaders

1. When will @Canada take a necessary action to #StopTigrayFamine? There are credible reports of people dying of starvation & children being severely malnourished. #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @karinagould @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @rpatricktravers

4. In #Tigray, children are at the greatest risk of malnutrition. As the war continues, more infants are at risk of starvation due to Ethiopian regime’s blockade of Tigray.
#StopTigrayFamine #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @mary_ng

7. Abiy has 2 objectives in Tigray.
1: to starve the population either into subjugation or out of existence.
2: to do that without attracting the global opprobrium.~@SirMarkLowcock
#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @MarcGarneau @rpatricktravers @SvenTrueNorth

2. "The question is no longer whether there is famine in Tigray, but how many people will starve to death before it is stopped." What will it take for @JustineTrudeau to realize #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters too? @mary_ng @marcisurkes @MarcGarneau @ianrmyles

5. According to @WHO, ~63% of pregnant & lactating women in #Tigray are suffering from malnutrition. #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @rpatricktravers @MarcGarneau @karinagould @SvenTrueNorth @SenBoehm @MarieHlneCt2 @ianrmyles @JustinTrudeau

8. "More than 20% of displaced children were acutely malnourished in August. A recent survey reported by the UN indicated 79% of pregnant & nursing mothers were in the same state." #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters
@MarcGarneau @karinagould

3. Ethiopian + Eritrean troops have weaponized rape, manufactured a famine, massacred, & destroyed essential infrastructure in Tigray. #Canada must ACT to #StopTigrayFamine + hold perpetrators accountable! #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @karinagould @cafreeland @MichaelChongMP

6. 'God have mercy': Interviews and internal documents reveal the most detailed picture yet of life under government blockade in Ethiopia's Tigray region. #StopTigrayFamine #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @karinagould @MarcGarneau @BobRae48 @stejobin @mary_ng

9. Tigray Advocacy Canada calls on @JustinTrudeau to stop Canada’s support for the war on Tigray. #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @MarcGarneau @cafreeland @SvenTrueNorth @MichaelChongMP @SenBoehm @MarieHlneCt2 @MarieHlneCt2 @erinotoole @theJagmeetSingh

1. "In Ayder hospital in Mekelle city, 18 people, including one child, died due to lack of hemodialysis catheters. The lives of 34 patients are at risk unless dialysis supplies are not provided immediately." #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @BobRae48 @MarcGarneau

4. Tigray has been facing:
🔺Siege (humanitarian blockade)
🔺Total communication blackout
🔺No electricity
🔺No banking services (lack of cash)
🔺Severe fuel shortage
@JustinTrudeau ACT NOW to put an end to #StopTigrayFamine. #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

7. ".@JustinTrudeau’s gov has continued to provide financial support to the Ethiopian government, which stands accused of atrocities and helping to spur the world’s worst famine crisis in a decade."
#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @MarcGarneau @erinotoole

2. “It is past time for our gov’t to take concrete action to end the atrocities. @Canada’s ongoing financial support to a genocidal regime in Ethiopia must not be tolerated by the Canadian public or our elected officials.” #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters

5. "It’s not just an attempt to starve 6 million people, but an attempt to cover up what's going on." @JustinTrudeau’s @liberal_party must ACT to save lives now! #TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @MarcGarneau @MichaelChongMP @MarieHlneCt2 @CTVNews @CBCPolitics

8. “If Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau wants to bring Canada’s compassionate and constructive voice back to the world stage, this is the time to do so.”
#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @MarcGarneau @Mary_ng @SvenTrueNorth @SenBoehm @MarieHlneCt2 @karinagould

3. "The de-facto blockade of #Tigray is preventing us from getting aid to people in desperate need. @WHO and our partners ask for unfettered access to the affected regions. The lives of millions of people are at stake," -- @DrTedros
#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @karinagould @mary_ng

6. “Canada’s response to the humanitarian catastrophe in #Tigray appears to be guided by one overwhelming concern: protect Canadian mining interests, even if this comes at the expense of millions of lives.”
#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @theJagmeetSingh

9. “Why has Canada not joined the United States and other allies in taking concrete steps to help stop the suffering and death of countless innocent people whose only crime is being ethnic Tigrayans?”
#TigrayCanadianVoiceMatters @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau

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