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  #NothingToCelebrate           #312DaysOfTigrayGenocide

September 11

1. New year's festivities in #Tigray and #Oromo have been dampened by the conflict in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 #NothingToCelebrate #312DaysOfTigrayGenocide @yfblanchet @karinagould

4. “Sept 6 Footage of war-hit northern Ethiopia published by @UN World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday reflected the severe humanitarian crisis!” @WFP_Canada World food Program Canada @RightsGAC #NothingToCelebrate

7. A @CNN investg. has uncovered evidence of the torture, mass detention, and execution of residents in the town of Humera in Ethiopia's Tigray region. #NothingToCelebrate @SvenTrueNort @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @yfblanchet @MichaelChongMP @SenBoehm @NDP

10. Ethiopia govt is committing gross human rights violations. Tigrayans are being starved to death while the entire world watches idly! #NothingToCelebrate @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @theJagmeetSingh @JackHarrisNDP @marcisurkes @rpatricktravers @CBCNews

13. “The appalling conflict in #Tigray region of Ethiopia is almost a year old. 1000s have been killed. Rape & starvation are being used as weapons of war.”-@helenhayes_
#NothingToCelebrate @cafreeland @CBCPolitics @CTVNews @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole

16. “Access to #Tigray has been limited to but a trickle by #ETH regime. Warehouses sit empty in Tigray because the regime has put a stranglehold.” #NothingToCelebrate @karinagould @MarcGarneau @rpatricktravers @theJagmeetSingh @CanadaDev @CanadaEthiopia

19. Horrific sexual violence stories r coming out from Tigray by brave women willing to tell their story. However, Canada's @liberal_party with its feminine agenda has remained silent. #NothingToCelebrate @yfblanchet @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @MarcGarneau

22. Shame on @JustinTrudeau for turning a blind eye to the ongoing rape & murder of Tigrayans, for the purpose of exploiting Tigray’s resources. #NothingToCelebrate @yfblanchet @karinagould @theJagmeetSingh @MarcGarneau @MatthewGreenNDP @stejobin @karinagould

25. There's #NothingToCelebrate this Ethiopian New Years because less than 7% of the required humanitarian aid is entering Tigray. Not because aid is unavailable, but because the Ethiopian gov't continues to obstruct humanitarian orgs #AllowAccessToTigray.

2. During our New Years Tigrayans are grateful @SarahChampionMP a #UK Member of Parliament discusses the humanitarian crisis #Tigray we hope MP’s in Canada will do the same. #NothingToCelebrate @liberal_party @CPC_HQ @NDP

5. 150 people reportedly starving to death this August in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray Region! People are during this Ethiopian New Year because of the siege by @PMEthiopia. @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @Alduceppe @erinotoole @RightsGAC #NothingToCelebrate

8. As the largest donor to the #Ethiopian state, @JustinTrudeau must utilize its economic leverage to end ethnic cleansing, siege & famine in Tigray. Time for action is NOW! #NothingToCelebrate @MarcGarneau @karinagould @cafreeland @MarieHlneCt2 @stejobin

11. "We were able to take six newly arrived bodies straight out the water and examine them. We found clear signs of a systematic manner of torture -- aggressive and painful violence with intent to kill.” #NothingToCelebrate @MarcGarneau @rpatricktravers

14. “#Tigrayans are experiencing human rights abuses, displacement, sexual violence, ethnic cleansing, & war crimes.” #NothingToCelebrate @RightsGAC @CHRIOCANADA @HRWcanada @rpatricktravers @BobRae48 @karinagould @marcisurkes @SvenTrueNorth @MarcGarneau

17. "A least 150 people starved to death last month in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region amid a near-complete blockade of food aid by federal and allied authorities.” #NothingToCelebrate @CanadaEthiopia @karinagould @rpatricktravers @yfblanchet @MarcGarneau

20. .@CanadianPM says he's a feminist but has been silent about the sexual atrocities taking place in Tigray. @amnesty has clearly stated that women & girls were targeted for rape by soldiers which constitutes as war crimes. #NothingToCelebrate @karinagould

23. Canada, a country known to advocate for #HumanRights has been extremely silent on the Tigray famine. Is it because they have been spending millions on the mining industry in Ethiopia? (Most that investment in Tigray)#NothingToCelebrate #AirDropFoodToTigray

3. .@CNN explains that almost a year into #TigrayGenocide & the #IC has not held @PMEthiopia accountable for all the war crimes! As Tigrayan New Year’s arrives we hope the #IC will intervene. @JustinTrudeau @erinotoole @theJagmeetSingh #NothingToCelebrate

6. @CNN uncovers evidence of the detention, torture, and more of Tigrayans! How much more evidence do we need before #IC moves from concerned to action? #NothingToCelebrate @TorontoStar @jhrnews @CBCNews @globalnews @caj @CHRIOCANADA

9. Amhara forces are mass detaining Tigrayans, "cutting off limbs & dumping mutilated bodies into mass graves as part of an orchestrated ethnic purge." #NothingToCelebrate #TigrayGenocide @MarcGarneau @karinagould @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @yfblanchet

12. “People in #Tigray are facing famine for the second time in forty years. They are dying of starvation, driven to the brink by war, and cut off from the world.” #NothingToCelebrate @karinagould @vanessahagem @ianrmyles @theJagmeetSingh @MichaelChongMP

“Tigray|ans have called for a negotiated end to this conflict. Failing to support them in this will lead to an ongoing conflict that will costs 10,000s more lives.” #NothingToCelebrate @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @CanadaEthiopia @stejobin @rpatricktravers

18. “From Nobel laureate to global pariah: How the world got Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopia so wrong.” #NothingToCelebrate @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @karinagould @rpatricktravers @SenBoehm @ianrmyles @vanessahagem @mary_ng @Alduceppe @BobRae48 @DFriesenGlobal

21. The severity of the sexual crimes being committed in #TigrayGenocide are particularly shocking and amount to war crimes. How could a self-proclaimed Feminist Govt sit back & watch these atrocities for over 300 Days? @MarcGarneau #NothingToCelebrate

24. @AbiyAhmedAli continues to obstruct humanitarian aid from #Tigray. 900,000 Tigrayans are in famine and over 5M people in need of humanitarian assistance. What will it take for @JustinTrudeau to care about African lives? @karinagould #NothingToCelebrate

1. There's #NothingToCelebrate. Dead Tigrayan bodies were recently found floating in a river. What will it take for @CanadianPM and @liberal_party to hold @AbiyAhmedAli accountable for the war crimes he's committed in Tigray? #312DaysOfTigrayGenocide

4. There's #NothingToCelebrate this Ethiopian New Years. For 300+ days women & girls in #Tigray have been the victims of weaponized rape by Ethiopian & Eritrean soldiers. @JustinTrudeau has failed to call out @AbiyAhmedAli for human rights violations perpetrated by his forces. @NDP

7. There's #NothingToCelebrate this New Year for the +17k Tigrayan #ENDF soldiers who were unlawfully arrested, removed from their positions, & currently placed on death row by the #Ethiopian State.@CanadianPM @GerrySimpsonHRW @UNHumanRights @NDP @caj @jhrnews @UN @theJagmeetSingh

10. Sadly this is only the latest in a long line of reports bearing witness to the persecutions, mass arrests & suffering of Tigrayans as #Ethiopia gears on to celebrate its New Year.
Tigrayans have #NothingToCelebrate in #Ethiopia‼️
@CanadaDev @ianrmyles

13. #NothingToCelebrate when your very identity, your ethnicity, is cause for you to be hunted down, tied up, tortured, killed & dumped into a river.
When will @CanadianPM please condemn these #HumanRights violations? @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @CBCNews

16. Ethiopia celebrates #newyear today in total ignorance of the man-made famine imposed on Tigray solely for the purpose of starving the population into submission.
#NothingToCelebrate in 312 days of #famine.
🇨🇦 Please #AirDropFoodToTigray❗️ @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @CanadianPM

19. The beginning of this New Year in Ethiopia is sadly just another day in the siege, persecution and extermination of Tigrayans throughout the country. There's #NothingToCelebrate; only lots to condemn in 312 days of Genocide❗️ @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @erinotoole @CanadaDev

22. Ethnic purging is taking place in Tigray and Oromo regions of Ethiopia! Canada has a role to insure human rights everywhere! @MarcGarneau @NDP @CanadianGreens #NothingToCelebrate

25. .@PMEthiopia Army has been raping Tigrayan women for 10 months! @CanadianPM with his feminist agenda should take this matter very seriously. @NDP @CanadianGreens #NothingToCelebrate

2. There's #NothingToCelebrate this new years! According to @UNICEF over 100,000 Tigrayan children could die from hunger if conditions remain unchanged. What is @CanadianPM doing about the man-made famine in Tigray? #StopTigrayFamine @CanadaDev @RightsGAC

5. There's #NothingToCelebrate this Ethiopian New Years. @amnesty has stated that women & girls in Tigray were targeted for rape by soldiers which constitutes as war crimes.#312DaysOfTigrayGenocide
@cdnwomenfdn @MaryamMonsef @karinagould @cafreeland

8. This Ethiopian New Year will be exactly the same as the preceding 312 Days of grief, uncertainty and genocide for the Tigrayans living in #Ethiopia. #NothingToCelebrate during #TigrayGenocide‼️ #NothingToCelebrate during #TigrayFamine‼️ @UNHCREthiopia @JustinTrudeau @WFP_Canada

11. This Ethiopian New Year is #NothingToCelebrate as it marks 312 Days of ignoring the mounting pile of gruesome evidence in #Ethiopia's genocidal campaign to exterminate Tigrayans.
How many more days of #TigrayGenocide before we condemn? @liberal_party @NDP

14. #NothingToCelebrate when Tigrayans in such prison camps "can't move, not getting enough sanitation, no food, no water and no medicine. If they feel sick and die, no one cares. They're hungry and thirsty."-@CNN
@CanadianPM please condemn @AbiyAhmedAli❗️

17. The irony in Ethiopia celebrating #newyear's today, based entirely on a calendar which originates in Tigray- by Tigrayans- while also fully engaging in a genocidal campaign to exterminate Tigrayans should not go unnoticed by the IC. #NothingToCelebrate @UNESCO @CanadaDev @NatGeo

20. This New Year is #NothingToCelebrate for the daughters #Tigray who have been the victims of mass weaponized rape & other unspeakable atrocities by 🇪🇹 & 🇪🇷 soldiers. @JustinTrudeau and @liberal_party please call out @AbiyAhmedAli for these grave #HumanRights violations. @NDP

23. 5.2 million people are dependent on life-saving humanitarian aid. And #Tigray region is teetering toward widespread famine #StopTigrayFamine #NothingToCelebrate @CanadianGreens @MarieHlneCt2

3. There's #NothingToCelebrate.
Tigrayan ethnicity has become a crime in #Ethiopia. There have been mass arrests, detentions, and disappearances of Tigrayans. Why hasn't the Canadian gov't called for the release of civilians yet? @MarcGarneau @GAC_Corporate

6. There's #NothingToCelebrate for Tigrayans living in #Ethiopia this year as millions of Tigrayans NOW live in the dark with all basic services such as electricity, telecom, internet, banking, air travel, & transportation totally shut off by @AbiyAhmedAli. @UN @NDP @hrw @HallieCBC